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Business intelligence platform for early identification of export opportunities

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structure, consistency and stringency

Template-based procedure

Based on the proven Template- based Management (TBM) method, the prototype for a scalable AWO business intelligence platform is being realised as part of this applied research.

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The way is the goal

We are the intelligence!

To give Austrian exporters a knowledge edge in global competition, we need to anticipate business opportunities for them. For this purpose, we are developing a business intelligence platform that uses state-of-the-art technologies such as data mining and AI from existing solutions. The platform enables the WKÖ

  1. Optimised programming of its service offering
  2. and provides companies with pooled information from different sources from which ACs can derive business opportunities for all industries.

the guarantors of success concept and competence

Predictive Intelligence (PI)

Based on the only model to date for Predictive Intelligence (Seebacher 2021) as a further development of conventional business intelligence, we are developing the scalable prototype for the AWO Business Intelligence Platform. 

Data sources

Relevant and valid data sources are the be-all and end-all.

Data elements

The information relevant for (sub)verticals must be identified and defined.

Data Algorithmics

How the different information is processed, linked and connected must be defined and optimised.

Data dashboards

The user experience (UX) for members must be sustainably ensured.

success is the result of many small steps

Damit AI funktioniert!

Artificial intelligence can only create sustainable added value if the basis is defined and realised transparently and stringently. Therefore, at the beginning we define from where, which data is collected and processed in what way. Only when the multi-dimensional data model functions validly is the AI integrated and trained in order to recognise expert opportunities even better and more precisely. 

To the data input

This link leads directly to the page where the relevant information can be entered.

The crux of artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence
is only as good as we make it!

Just as children in school first have to learn mental arithmetic in order to understand the basic principles of mathematics before they learn how to use a calculator, the basis for the use of AI must be transparent, comprehensible and valid so that AI can generate valid insights in the long term.


Research cooperation

HM and the AWO

Two internationally recognised and leading institutions are jointly attempting to redefine the future by using and further developing the latest findings from applied research and science, but also from entrepreneurial practice.

Years of research

Munich University of Applied Sciences is one of the most internationally recognised applied universities and a leader in the field of BI and PI with Prof. Schlipf and Prof. Seebacher.

Worldwide competence

The WKO's foreign trade department with its global network of experts makes a significant contribution to the export success of Austrian companies worldwide.

The worldwide network as a basis

The AWO experts

Together with the member companies of the WKO, the AWO experts can contribute with their industry expertise to optimally design and implement the innovative and unique business intelligence platform for the early detection of export opportunities.

Swarm intelligence in combination with the findings from predictive intelligence research are essential aspects.

future - together - now

You have it in your hands!

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